Poesie in lingua straniera

Scritta da: Alexis Karpouzos
in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera)

Fallen angel

Fallen angel! Why are you scared?
Why you dwelt alone in shadow?
Why you tighten your fists?
why threaten the whole life?
i know, afraid to. love,
let tenderness pour from your eyes
to irrigate the earth and the light of love, silently,
will lift you on the heaven again.
Composta sabato 12 febbraio 2005
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    Scritta da: Alexis Karpouzos
    in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera)
    He says: "I'm lost. I'm alone. I'm so alone".
    And a Voice whispered:
    There are dreams you haven't dreamt
    And loves you haven't loved
    And light you haven't felt
    And sunrises yet to dawn
    And flowers yet to grow
    And there is more to you
    The wonders that you carry into your heart
    Will guide you farther than you can imagine.
    Composta domenica 20 gennaio 2019
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      Scritta da: Cheriè
      in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera)

      Eye of the Tiger

      Hence, that glance you use me, gives me no chance:
      you just leave in advance,
      and I won’t have my heart broke by this present tense.
      No offence, but you played me for a fool;
      now comes my turn & I’ll break the rule.
      It’s at least cool not to tear off that shiny wool from thus sheepy blues
      I give you some clues: as in our beloved library we read,
      just pass me the colours, and see my words turning red.
      No more fever we’ll be glad,
      in that magical place we won’t be no more called mad.
      It was a bore, to be our grace frightened by numbers and score
      while in the middle that fierce burning core
      was hidden from your panoptical vision.
      Was really bad to put it in a cradle:
      the land of oblivion - and still, you ignore.
      Now the time has come to see the sky
      lightening up, no asking for why, nor being shy
      finally speaking out our love,
      aloud and straight far well above
      as a thunder, and afterwards, a bolt.
      Composta giovedì 5 maggio 2016
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        Scritta da: Elena Ortega
        in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera)

        Maravillosa II

        Maravillosa, de la punta de los pies,
        a la cabeza.

        Deliciosa tu sonrisa soñadora,
        de perlas y amaneceres.

        Inquisidora tu presencia,
        de imponentes delicias.

        Febril tu canto,
        de mares y ruiseñores.

        Proféticos tus ojos,
        de poesías y tempestades.

        Placidas tus manos,
        de caricias y adormeceres.

        Raid tus plegarias,
        de poderosos prodigios.

        Opulentos tus labios,
        blasones de rosas y tulipanes.

        Perseverantes tus pies,
        de plantas y enredaderas.

        Colosales tus brazos,
        de plomo y alas blancas.

        Áureo tu corazón,
        de jardines y hojarascas.

        Maravilloso don
        de mi existencia.
        Luz de eterno fulgor,
        que  Dios en ti me regaló.
        Composta domenica 10 maggio 2020
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          Scritta da: Alexis Karpouzos
          in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera)
          I come from the depths of infinity
          and from all directions of space-time.
          I traveled through dark tunnels, went through solar storms.
          I went straight, circled, parallel, rotated as a spiral.
          Cosmic clouds trapped me and escaped from them.
          Avoided collisions with meteories.
          I was helped by exotic particles,
          neutron stars and the love of gravity.
          Every leaf, every flower, every mountain and lake,
          every cloud and every star and every atom recognize me and greet me.
          I feel that I have live for million lifetimes.
          Who am I? What is my purpose?
          Last night I sent a question into universe, asking "who am I or am I not?
          The universe responded immediately:
          You asked me the same thing billions of years ago.
          And then and now I answer:
          You're the smile of no birth and no death,
          The Hidden Law.
          Composta domenica 7 aprile 2002
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            Scritta da: Alexis Karpouzos
            in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera)
            I know that I shall meet my shadow,
            one day, is our fate. I know that, someday,
            the light ends for us and the deadly gravity
            will absorb us. And again, a magician spark
            will shine and a ocean of souls
            will flood the universe and will
            give birth to stars and grief.
            And maybe, just maybe, in another heaven,
            my dreams will be your dreams.
            You see, everything repeats itself
            and everything will be reincarnated in different forms.
            An incredible miracle, carefree, and we live in it.
            The miracle is folded into your heart.
            Composta venerdì 14 febbraio 2020
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              Scritta da: Cristina Metta
              in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera, Poesie d'Autore)

              A fairy tale in New York (with red scarf)

              New York is frozen for March almost a desert
              without gloves hands in pockets...
              a red scarf around the neck
              I drag my feet
              it bothers me to think about you without being able to offer you the stars _ tonight
              we are a little zombie you know how it is in war
              against something without a name

              spring is foreign to me
              the real Killer is a laconic wolf like Leonard Cohen
              it kills me to know where you sleep now
              in secure arms that are not mine
              remove my memory from my eyes
              turn on at least one light in that windowless chest
              and give me air
              put me where the flowers can bloom
              where there are trees
              sidewalks with people taken by human malice
              but if you want to kick me out completely _ tonight
              it will perhaps be the right time
              in which, in addition to loneliness, I feel inside the winter
              the true one
              with the wind between the trembling bones
              my stomach on fire from too much cognac
              with nerves tense with fear
              to be alone
              Once again
              that's why winter is made
              you know _ to break up

              Liberty Street is silent with boredom
              luxury predators are missing
              the nocturnal cackles
              there are only sirens and ambulances
              who walk death
              and U. S
              all of us
              we stayed here
              prisoners of a strange enemy
              while the chill air with its music box twirls among the skyscrapers
              who dance as we dance
              to the distant singing of the sirens
              with the dead
              with the wounded
              hold on to miracles
              to hopes

              shiny shoes walk but not a noise
              an icy hand on the temple _ as I would like the life before
              a red wool scarf that winks at a traffic light
              through without looking... me and my shoes are the only ones in Heaven

              and what about you
              who comforts you
              who counts the clouds above your head
              when you are in the middle of the embrace... you get lost or talk
              there is a difference
              you were silent with me because I made you dream
              sex was not a meeting of bodies with me
              but I fly
              in all the feathers of your pillows you won't find summer
              for I have taken away all the flocks
              my bags of fairy tales
              and the brigade of ghost poets

              I have a smell on me that tastes good
              the fried and takeaway shops are closed
              I wrap the red scarf around my neck - looking at the clothes in the windows
              I follow the trails of the street lights like a Ariadnè s thread

              and all of this world brings me to you
              apartment 112 seventh floor in the dark
              who knows if you think about me and if you think about me Why?
              I would break through the door with this ridiculous love like that
              I shout your name in Central Park
              sincerely? nobody cares
              they will punish me for disturbing the quiet
              almost naked with my red scarf...
              but it's colder in me than outside
              it is so cold that only as a drunk could I stop delirious
              your call that call is not
              a Cop stops me and I tell him I'm Leonard Cohen
              why don't you arrest me? Becausè?
              I tell him about my love drama
              - go home - he says
              I apologize and sing to Famous Blue Raincoat
              while I tie my red scarf to a tree
              why don't you freeze
              hoping for tomorrow
              the summer
              with you
              it would be better
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