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Scritta da: Cheriè

Eye of the Tiger

Hence, that glance you use me, gives me no chance:
you just leave in advance,
and I won’t have my heart broke by this present tense.
No offence, but you played me for a fool;
now comes my turn & I’ll break the rule.
It’s at least cool not to tear off that shiny wool from thus sheepy blues
I give you some clues: as in our beloved library we read,
just pass me the colours, and see my words turning red.
No more fever we’ll be glad,
in that magical place we won’t be no more called mad.
It was a bore, to be our grace frightened by numbers and score
while in the middle that fierce burning core
was hidden from your panoptical vision.
Was really bad to put it in a cradle:
the land of oblivion - and still, you ignore.
Now the time has come to see the sky
lightening up, no asking for why, nor being shy
finally speaking out our love,
aloud and straight far well above
as a thunder, and afterwards, a bolt.
Composta giovedì 5 maggio 2016

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    Scritta da: Cheriè


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