Fabio Meneghella

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Painter, nato mercoledì 25 maggio 1988 a Bari (Italia)
Risiede a: Bari
Parla: Italiano


Fabio Meneghella was born surrounded by artworks and art. When he was a child, he had an artistic education, following the learnings of the artist and his mother Anna Maria Saponaro.
He’s lover of the world of the Art, the science, the engineering and everything you can't see with eyes. For this, through his imagination, he tries to represent the Invisible on canvas, painting other worlds and the time. All this was born after an intense meditation made of questions about life, about Universe and about the human brain.
In 2013, he took, in the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari (Italy), the Academic Degree of I Level in Scenography and then, in 2016, he took the Academic degree of II Level in Scenography of Theatre. He starts his artistic route. His artworks has been in the catalogue “Protagonisti dell’arte 2016” with a review written by Paolo Levi, and in the magazine “Expoart n.31” (2015). Instead, in 2019 he participates to an auction in the Auction House “Gigarte”.
500 of his works and projects stay in the monastic archive of “Madonna della Scala” Abbey in Noci (Bari, Italy). A lots of artworks of his have been sold in various privates collections, like Kuopio (Finland), Schaarbeeck (Belgium), Madrid (Spain), Ninove (Belgium), Gainesville (Florida, U.S.A.), Antwerp (Belgium), Nieuwpoor (Belgium), Gjøvik (Norvegia), Lecco (Italia), Hinterbrühl (Austria), Vienna (Austria).