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Frasi di Roberto Giusti

Autostrade, nato martedì 16 settembre 1980 a Genova (Italia)
Questo autore lo trovi anche in Poesie, in Umorismo, in Racconti, in Frasi per ogni occasione e in Diario.

Scritta da: Roberto Giusti
I miss, I miss you... Everytime I think of you, I cry in my mind and invisible tears fall down on my face. My heart is broken, I live in pain and I have no idea when it will the end. Blood. Blood on my head, along my body. Where is the end of suffering? I don't know and honestly is not much important, but... Please talk to me. Talk to me for only another time please. I need you. Listen to me. You know, I am alone in the dark without you. I am alone and incomplete because I've lost a part of me when yoù re gone. Can you see me? Can you hear me? Can you speak to me? Can you come back to me? Can you? I don't believe, I don't think. I don't know where is God, where is hope or happiness. Always I think of you, in reality or dreams. I remember your voice, smile and especially light of your soul. I remember everything and everything remember to me that I continue to be still alone. Alone without you my reason of life, my life. I miss, I miss you. (One day I'll come to you and I'll be happy)
Roberto Giusti
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