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Scritta da: Elisabetta Cipolli


Concerto for flute and harp,
and in grunting piggy
he recognized a G sharp;

the Music is catchy
because of him, and superb
is loveliness in his
raspy idea. I would've loved
to have had a Cordial with
Amadeus, without gloved
hands, shaking  the Sonic

Space. But I shall content my self
with an observating listenig
to Symphony # 12.
Elisabetta Cipolli
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    Scritta da: Elisabetta Cipolli

    4 Stanzas 4 Stravinskij

    I wish that there was no money's history
    but  more and more the History
    is history of money

    The Dust
    should remember the origins,
    the dust
    should guide the future but

    looking at Beethoven's picture
    I understand I'm not ready
    for  Stravinskij

    I can not listen to
    soldier's tale
    I wish there were no wars
    to tell.
    Elisabetta Cipolli
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