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Scritta da: margheritina
It was cold and dark all around
it was in the middle of a storm
and we were too young to die
and we were too afraid of life
so we run
so we fall
and we hold our hands together
and we could be king and queen
so we fly
so we crash
and we want to see the sun
and we need to dance all night
so they see
so they know
and they all go on another way
and they all hope to forget of us
so ì m broken
so you are too
and now you and i are trying to live
and now you and i are going in ruin
so you look
so i do too
and we see love in each other eyes
and around us therè s nothing else.
Margherita Groaz
Composta mercoledì 11 maggio 2016
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