Poesie di Emily Dickinson

Poetessa, nato venerdì 10 dicembre 1830 a Amherst, Massachusetts (Stati Uniti d'America), morto sabato 15 maggio 1886 a Amherst, Massachusetts (Stati Uniti d'America)
Questo autore lo trovi anche in Frasi & Aforismi e in Proverbi.

Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
I think the Hemlock likes to stand
Upon a Marge of Snow -
It suits his own Austerity -
And satisfies an awe
That men, must slake in Wilderness -
And in the Desert - cloy -
An hunger for the Hoar, the Bald -
Lapland's - necessity -

The Hemlock's nature thrives - on cold -
The Gnash of Northern winds
Is sweetest nutriment - to him -
His best Norwegian Wines -

To satin Races - he is nought -
But Children on the Don,
Beneath his Tabernacles, play,
And Dnieper Wrestlers, run.
Emily Dickinson
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    Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
    Sweet - You forgot - but I remembered
    Every time - for Two -
    So that the Sum be never hindered
    Through Decay of You -
    Say if I erred? Accuse my Farthings -
    Blame the little Hand
    Happy it be for You - a Beggar's -
    Seeking More - to spend -

    Just to be Rich - to waste my Guineas
    On so Best a Heart -
    Just to be Poor - for Barefoot Vision
    You - Sweet - Shut me out.
    Emily Dickinson
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