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Scritto da: Don Johnson
What is the name of my magical force within me?

It can bend time and capture souls, twist your mind and deform your body making you old.
My power creates and cheats you out of the chance of beings alive.
It wanders the earth
looking for it's next adventure.
It steels your breath and fills you with the greatest of powers but follows you by deadly karma's magic if not used wisely.
My power was summoned many life times ago.
It come from within and from without.
It travels the expanse of creation.
I give, I keep and release what ever my power consumes.......Who dares to steel or mention the true name of my magic!
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    Scritto da: Don Johnson
    My wife is a Witch and i am a Methodist both use our powers now persistently in different ways.
    Our paths are translucent but draw from the same force... i hope.


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