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Scritta da: Gigliola Perin
in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera)
As you has your woman,
There is a man that caresses your skin.
While you forget her,
There is someone else that makes you feel important.
As you put it at the corner
a man tends his hand
You from thorns and tears
and a man treats its petals
You take away the dreams
He touches the heart
Be careful thou who by your woman
for granted
You may find that as you kill
illusions, someone gives the colors.
Composta martedì 28 gennaio 2014
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    Scritta da: Atena Longo
    in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera)


    My soul is a living flame
    while I can just think of you.
    Nothing matters now:
    the rise and the fall of the day,
    the turning of the wind,
    the high metaphysics and
    the end of the world:
    They are all trifles when
    I look into your eyes.
    I drink the water of gods and
    breathe the warmth of ashes
    when you are close to me,
    waiting the touch of your arms.
    O Love, do not let me wait.
    Your lips are rain drops in desert lands,
    your hands pure fire in the
    long wintery season of passing days...
    Let me feel your love,
    I want to live again.
    Composta lunedì 4 maggio 2015
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      Scritta da: Atena Longo
      in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera)


      I lean my head on
      your heart's bosom
      Sleeping long while
      you hold me tight.
      My dreams of you are
      the only place I have to go.
      Back to the eternal joy of
      Infancy: resting for
      a moment in your arms.
      Only your warm breath
      I want, the sweet chaotic
      weight of silence.
      Death comes to look at me
      when I am close to you,
      envying the eternity of an instant.
      All begins and ends when
      I am there, in that cold room
      Composta sabato 9 maggio 2015
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        Scritta da: Zio Haus
        in Poesie (Poesie in lingua straniera, Poesie personali)

        Skyscraper Prison

        A nervous biting of the fingers
        to keep the usual thoughts at bay
        and an annoying hunger that lingers
        make me wonder why I should stay.

        I’m forgetting what it’s like to be caressed by a stray ray
        of sunshine that from a prison of leaves broke free,
        condemned to a life sentence within this society’s walls.

        Keep telling myself I’ll soon get away,
        but it never happens
        and day per day life slips away.
        Composta venerdì 20 marzo 2015
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