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Scritta da: Fabio Meneghella
When life will go over itself, reality will overtake dreams. If you are born, you're already a winner, in the Universe womb of your precious mother you've wrought millions of candidates to life. You're already the chosen one, you've already flown one time. Now God ask you to make your last flight. Conquest your brothers'brain, conquest Synaptic Paradise and you'll conquest the eternity, and the real Paradise will open your eyes. A woman's heart will accompany the passage of time, and it will be the symbol of your rebirth. To save the world, we don't need an hero, but a good parent.
You're a memory, you're reborn, the Earth will have you. You're in my brain, you'll fly over your brothers'brain, like the Verb of God. This will be your Paradise, you'll fly, because flying is believing!
Composta giovedì 4 giugno 2015

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    Scritta da: Fabio Meneghella
    Volare significa credere, paradiso sinaptico.


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