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    I thought it was a usual morning
    Just like every day before
    I looked into the sky
    But something there was strange
    Nobody in the streets
    The day was bright,
    There was no sun at all
    Black ashes in the air
    Riding on the wind

    With rubble on the ground
    I caught the scent of burning
    With no flames glowing anywhere
    I felt the cold instead
    And it seems that my worst nightmare
    Suddenly became reality
    But this has gone beyond,
    Far beyond imagination

    I'm living next to the edge
    Under radiating skies
    Living close to the end
    Of wonderland

    Maybe you simply wanted too much
    Might be you simply went too far
    The excuses will not change
    What no one's there to hear
    You're probably insatiable
    You never cared for anything
    What doesn't belong to you,
    Is beneath your dignity

    Your speeches are a flood of lies
    You never even realised
    The contradictions,
    Are they all the same to you?
    You're doing fine,
    You think you'd like to be
    The master of every thought
    So you're playing like a God,
    But who created

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