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    The unavoidable desire to take you home
    Like suffocating all my clearest thoughts
    It seems like yesterday when we lay here side by side
    But it's countless nights ago that it passed away

    In a trauma world
    Discovering all the depths in which we stand
    In a trauma world
    Fighting our achievements every day
    In a trauma world
    The truth is so surreal and incomplete
    In a trauma world
    Sifting through the memories in our heads

    When I held a fragile hand that sorry day
    Not feeling cold inside, uncompromising
    As if romancing all night long in our imaginations,
    Then one second changed our lives eternally

    Understand me if I take you into my arms
    Please forgive me if I am searching for your heart
    Do you hear me when I'm crying every night?
    I must start

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