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    On a river so grey
    That's running much too fast
    I'm a hostage on my own
    The air I breathe is stale
    And I'm planning my escape
    Without a destination

    While I'm embraced by the waters cold
    I know you're far away
    Within my fantasy it's new
    I'm asking for hope in (you)

    (You) name my fate
    I'm lost on the waves without (you)
    (You) never break
    I'm lost in the river of you

    So my runs very slow just like a flood of tears
    When they've all dried up
    That river flows one more and I try to catch a ray of light
    From the sky at night
    Will I ever rest my eyes upon your face
    And you fade again
    I will never really know if you lost me too
    I'm asking for hope in (you)

    All of my thoughts, all of the words get tangled
    The waves ride high again
    Your lips seem close to mine
    I'm losing hold in the river of (you)

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