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    At a second glance
    You thought you recognised despair
    For a fraction of a second
    You were searching for a reason
    You pretended cheerfully,
    But instead you tried to hide away
    When everybody's laughter
    Seems to rip you all apart

    And your life carries on the same
    And your life will be the same

    Going back again to see
    Stages from the recent past
    But everywhere you turn
    There is no chance to continue
    Nothing really holds you back
    From stepping through that yesterday
    For every new beginning
    There will be some other end

    And when you cry there are no tears left for liberation
    You don't listen to your own explanations
    There are no rules you left behind from your desperation
    There's no need to fear the way, that you've led

    You'll run again,
    Faster than you've ever been
    You don't feel the cold,
    It's never been like this before
    Determination in your eyes,
    Now you don't know the reasons why
    You can't say goodbye
    But you never really said hello

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