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    In the beginning it was just a glimpse
    Far too fleeting to care about
    But I can still remember the initial traces of your change

    Then you became so adaptable
    No deviation from your ways
    Like the world in your eyes is just spinning inside of you
    There's only you and you and you . . .

    There are no more doubts in you
    It's a repression of your past
    Sometimes it shows you're insecure
    I still can read between the lines
    There are no more doubts in you
    Have you forgot to dream at last
    Sometimes it shows you're insecure
    You died inside

    When I'm thinking of days gone by
    You were so curious about the world
    You never needed reasons to simply fly off-hand

    Being the epitome of ignorance
    Does it really suit your plan?
    Where's the contempt that you would actually show

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