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    The sunlight reflects in your eyes
    Your tears ceased to flow
    You're back in balance
    The fallacies leave you alone
    And your nightmares are replaced by reality

    You're floating away
    Right up and over the barriers and borders
    Boundless and free is your mind
    It took ages for you to feel this way again

    Light your stars
    You could stand the fascination
    And you're falling weightlessly
    To close your diary
    Light your stars
    You could understand relations
    And you're falling weightlessly
    Until the diary is done

    You're leaving the fear far behind
    And you're trying to battle with great temptation
    Like maggots, it's eating at you
    Do you pray at night, you're strong enough to resist?

    You're tossing in bed
    And all you perceive is a blurred world in strange lies
    Tearing the visions all down
    Defeated your so lost in tranquillity

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