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    I never thought this day would come
    I did not know all hope was gone
    Shattered in a lost eternity
    I never wished to drift away
    How could I feel at home again
    With all the things you said, upon my mind

    There is so much left to say to you
    Unspoken words won't change the truth
    I doubt that words change anything at all
    What if we could turn time back again
    Would we do it all the same?
    And until now the bitter chill remains

    The failing breath is familiarity
    I think I see your smile vanish afar
    The failing breath is my fragility
    The pieces left behind is all we are

    Your heartbeat is too far away
    There's no place where I can stay
    Picture of a dream I can't deny
    All at once I hear your voice
    Another scene and still you cry
    I would have given all to share your pain

    But now you run and you will hide again
    The lonely days may never end
    I'll try to find the courage from day to day
    Your fears are always close to me
    In time I'll catch my failing breathe,
    But the air around me will belong to

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