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    Hey, it?s a Zydeco party!
    Hey, it?s a Zydeco boom!
    Hey, it?s a bon ton party!
    Hey, it?s a bon ton groove!

    Late at night when all the old folks fade away,
    I?m coming to get you in my old blue Chevrolet.
    I know a spot where all the Zydeco cats play,
    Buckwheat and Doopcie and the King, Clifton Chenier.


    Jumping Joe and Jimmy O. and all of my good friends,
    They do the Zydeco ?cause they know what is happening.
    When it get?s hot you wish the music would never end,
    Go back to the top and play it over again.


    Get ready tonight, we gonna hit the highway.
    Drive out to a spot where we can park the car and hide away.
    Turn out the lights but keep the radio playing,
    Tuned in to the all night Zydeco station.


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