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    I tell you that I like it just as much as I used to,
    But it seems like lately I?ve been staying confused,
    I fell like I?m surrounded and I don?t know what to do.
    Just to many women, too many women in the room.

    Too much, not enough.

    Too much party, I?m not getting enough sleep.
    Too much pressure, I?m not getting enough relief.
    I?m drowning in a sea of love that?s getting to deep.
    Too much honey and not enough bee.

    Too much, not enough.

    I call my family doctor and I said I?m feeling ill,
    Come on over, doctor, and won?t you bring me some pills.
    But when he made out my prescription, this is what he said:
    ?You?ll never get no better with all these women in your bed.?

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