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    I?ve been looking for you all of my life,
    But I never ever knew it ?til I saw you last night.
    I can barely tell you how it made me feel.
    When the world stopped moving and my heart stood still.

    Take me away.

    Come on, pretty baby, take me for a ride.
    You don?t have to say it I can see it in your eyes.
    Standing on the corner of Hiway 93,
    Here comes the king of Zydeco in a black limousine.

    Come on, pretty baby, come on take me away.
    Make love with me baby each and every day.

    This place means nothing to me,
    Waiting for the end to come.
    But when I saw you there,
    I knew, I knew that you had to be the one
    To make my life worth living,
    Come on and take me away.

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