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    Late one night in a great big city
    I was sitting up alone.
    I was thinkingabout my family, friends,
    And the love I left back home.
    I don?t know if I?m gonna make it,
    But I?m sure gonna give it a try,
    I?d sure like to see your smiling face
    One more time before I die.
    Steal a smile from your face
    And hide it in your heart,
    And keep it hid away just for me.
    And when you see me coming down
    That lonesome road toward you,
    Open up your heart and set it free.

    New York City?s a long long way
    From the bayous of Lousiane.
    I miss my country living,
    I miss my couche-couche and my boudin.
    I miss my riding painted Patches
    On a tour glide of the farm,
    Think I?ll ride on up and see my brother,
    He?s working on the barn

    He steals a smile from his face
    And he hides it in his heart,
    And he keeps it hid away just for me.
    And when he sees me coming down
    That lonesome road toward him,
    The smile on his face it?ll set your spirit free.

    Louisiane, there ain?t never been
    No bayou boy more blue
    I don?t know just what I?m a gonna do.
    What I?m gonna do? What I?m gonna do?

    Steal a smile 2

    This old world?s so complicated
    Got so many things on my mind.
    Seems like I?m rushing around with my head closed up.
    And wasting all my time.
    But I tell you, brother one thing for sure
    Before it gets to late
    I?ma gonna move on back where I belong
    And set my spirit straight.

    Mama, mama, leave a light in the window
    And don?t you dare lock the door.
    Your Louisiana?s baby coming home once more,
    I?m coming home. Come on home.
    Coming home, coming on, coming on, coming on home

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