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    The pills that I took tonight
    Won?t let me sleep.
    I?m pacing the floor
    With sweet dreams of you.
    I spend most of my time
    Hanging on a bar,
    Running ?gainst my hard blues
    And losing the race.
    When I get to the finish
    I?m right back at the start,
    Trying to chase another
    Sad memory away.

    I went to the city,
    Felt like playing the star,
    Feeding the fires
    Of the honkey-tonk queens.
    But dealing in the flesh scene
    Won?t get you very far,
    A man needs a woman
    If you know what I mean.

    Chorus : Lonesome moon in a crystal black sky,
    The bottle?s been dry for a while.
    I done walked through the soles
    Of my new cowboy boots,
    Pacing the floor with
    Sweet dreams of you.

    A guitar picker
    Leads a serious life,
    Trying to find the love light
    To put in his song.
    Trying to find the one lick
    That?s gonna make it alright.
    Struggling with the right words
    That all come out wrong

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