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    We had just got married,
    When I picked up and left home,
    Headed out to California,
    Gonna make it in the oil boom.
    It was back in ?57
    In a worn out Chevrolet..
    Ceasar Junior held the squeeze box
    Though he was too young to play.

    One kiss from the lady?s love,
    One kiss is all it takes.
    One kiss from the lady?s love,
    That?s the one, that?s the one
    That you?ll never forget.

    It?s been thirty years
    Around the San Francisco Bay,
    Ceasar Junior plays the squeeze box
    Just like the king Clifton Chenier.
    When we get together
    Down at ?Ti Jolie.
    I?m always asking about you,
    Maybe you asking about me.


    Leave the light burning all through the night?
    Leave the light burning, oh, oh so bright.

    I am just a working man,
    I use my hands most everyday.
    I got a lot of feeling, but I ain?t got much to say.
    I got a house full of Cajun kids,
    And I love them every one,
    But some times I get to lonely,
    I sing the French blues all night long.

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