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    Hey, Hey, Hey
    Laissez bon temps rouler.
    Oh, Oh, Oh,
    I love my Zydeco.

    Working seven and seven on the offshore rig,
    Can?t wait to get back to my Zydeco gig.
    Only thing that I wanna do
    I wanna go do the Zydeco with you.


    Hey, Hey, ma ch?re ch?rie,
    Come on and do the Zydeco dance with me.
    Your are the only one,
    Zydeco baby want to have some fun.


    Got my Zydeco hat and my Zydeco shoes,
    Gonna go out and spread the Zydeco news,
    When I get to heaven the first thing I?m a-gonnna do,
    Show the angels how to Zydeco, too

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