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    Come on along, we?ll take the ferry boat down to Breaux Bridge,
    Come on along and we?ll sit upon the Bayou Teche.
    Sit on the oak stump and sip on the clear, clean moonshine,
    H? boy, emm?ne ta cane ? p?che.
    We gonna have a high time drinking our wine on the bayou.
    Gonna jump in the pirogue, gonna take it to the fais do-do.
    Gonna see all the Cajun ladies, don?t you know,
    And they?ll all be dancing with their Cajun beaus.

    Uncle Ambrose he put on his two-step rhythm.
    Ma tante Cl?ophile brought out the Chevrolet.
    They?re going down, they wan to listen to the fiddler.
    He?s gonna play all night ?til the break of day.


    If you go dancing you see many, many fine young ladies,
    Surtout les belles filles qui viennent de Grand Mamou.
    And you can get your fill of the Cajun cooking
    With couche-couche, ?crevisse and fil? gombo

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