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    It was in a sad hotel,
    On the back street of a broken dream.
    Where you saved me from myself
    And you satisfied my grevious need.
    You came upon me like a flamme,
    It burns inside me ever since that day.
    But all you left me was your name,
    And this longing that will not go away.

    Oh, Esmeralda,
    Oh, girl, I?d give you everything I have
    If you will ease my blue condition.

    Standing on the near side of the dawn,
    All my so-called friends have faded away.
    And I?m wondering where you have gone,
    And I?m hoping that you did not lie to me.


    Can you hear me calling?
    Oh, I?m calling.
    Can you hear me calling?
    I?m calling for your love

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