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    Dear darling, it?s good to see you,
    What took you so long?
    To find your way back home.
    You was out with the cat?s in the back,
    All alone.
    The moon was full,
    You must have lost control.
    I haven?t seen you for a long long time,
    I?ve gone completely out of my mind,
    Baby, how could you do this to me?

    If this is the love then what is the reason,
    We seem to be losing our way?
    We spend so much time retreating
    From the bitter words,
    And trying to find a way to end
    The doubting and the cheating and the lies.
    Trying to get it right.

    Dear darling, it sure would be fun
    Holding hands underneath the moon,
    Playing all those lover games again.
    I let you go, I must have been a fool,
    Good for going back to loving school,
    Having you teach me all over again.


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