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    Way down in the bayou, stuck in the mud.
    There?s a little critter that the Cajun people love.
    She got two big claws and eight tiny feet,
    And a tail full o? meat, that?s good to eat.

    Crawfish, I got ?em if you want ?em.
    Crawfish, eat ?em while they?re hot.
    Crawfish, gonna pour some pepper on ?em.
    Crawfish, I like it like that.
    You boil ?em down ?til they nice and red,
    You squeeze the tail and you suck the head.

    Where the Crawfish come from nobody knows.
    But the Cajuns tell a story ?bout a long time ago.
    When the old people had to leave l??cadie
    They say the little red lobster followed them down here.


    You can take my money and my big black Cadillac.
    Roll my jelly and don?t look back,
    But don?t do that, I?m gonna call the police.
    You better not touch my red crawfish.

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