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    I?ve been waiting here since this morning,
    I?ll wait as long as it will take.
    Down in the old town of the city of New Orleans,
    With my heart so heavy it might break.

    Last night they put up a hurricane warning,
    Last night you came into my room.
    Around midnight the rain started falling,
    I was holding on to you.

    Come on, Sheila, let?s run.
    Don?t stop believing that I love you.
    Don?t let them keep you in that paradise of fools.

    Sheila was a dancing girl working in the evening,
    On the altar of old men?s fantasies,
    She hitched down from north Mississippi
    With a lot of hope and one pair of jeans.

    Last night Sheila she told me she loved me,
    She said? ?Baby what took you so long??
    Tonight I am going to steal her from the city,
    Before she does herself harm.


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