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    Set out from Saint Joe on no ordinary journey,
    Headed down to New Orleans, working in the skin game.
    But when I saw you, down by the muddy river,
    I had to have you, so I became your prisoner.

    It?s been and long time and things have gotten crazy,
    I never thought that it could turn out this way.
    I?ve got the notion, I?d swim the ocean for your love,
    It?s not devotion, it?s just this burning in my heart.

    I?m burning, burning, burning with desire,
    Burning, captive of your fire.

    It won?t be easy telling all the folks at home,
    They won?t believe me and they won?t like it at all.
    I never thought that I could turn my back on them.
    It?s just this burning, it?s just this burning from within.


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