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    Oo­, oo­, oo­, oo­, oo­
    Oo, oo­, oo, oo
    It takes two
    Oo.oo, oo, oo.oo­, oo
    Doo doo, wop!

    They say it's a man's world
    Well, that cannot be denied
    But what good's a man's world
    Without a woman by his side
    And so I will wait
    Until that moment you decide

    [ZAC & GUYS]
    That I'm your man
    And you're my girl
    That I'm the sea
    And you're the pearl
    It takes two, baby,
    It takes two

    A king ain't a king
    Without the power behind the throne
    A prince is a pauper. Babe,
    Without a chick to call his own
    So please, darling, choose me
    I don't wanna rule alone
    Tell me,

    [ZAC & GUYS]
    I'm your king
    And you're my queen
    That no one else
    Can come between
    It takes two, baby,
    It takes two

    Don't you know

    Lancelot had guinevere
    Mrs. Claus has old st. Nick
    Romeo had juliet
    And liz, well, she has her dick

    They say it takes two to tango
    Well, that tango's child's play
    So take me to the dance floor
    And we'll twist the night away

    Just like frankie avalon
    Had his favorite mouseketeer
    I dream of a lover, babe,
    To say the things I long to hear
    So come closer baby,
    Oh and whisper in my ear

    Tell me!

    [ZAC & GUYS]
    That you're my girl
    And I'm your boy
    That you're my pride
    And I'm your joy
    That I'm the sand
    And you're the tide
    I'll be the groom
    If you'll be my bride
    It takes two, baby,
    It takes two
    It takes two, baby
    It takes twoooooooo ohhhhooohhhhhhhhh

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