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    Verse 1
    I see you turnin' the world in your hands
    Just let it go
    I've loved you better, than ever you wanted
    Doesn't it show

    Bridge 1
    You've been standin' at the window, day & night
    Lookin' at the rain
    A simple conversation
    A helpless situation
    Please let me explain

    Chorus 1
    Trust In Me, when you're all alone
    Trust In Me, when you can't go on
    If lovin' me is what you need
    Trust In Me

    Verse 2
    Don't make it easy
    I don't mind
    There's somethin' I can do

    Verse 3
    And just try to see what you see
    And I'll be there for you

    Bridge 2
    You've been standin' at the window, day & night
    Tell me what you see
    Sun in the daytime
    Moon at night
    That's how easy it should be

    (Repeat Chorus 1)

    Chorus 2
    Trust In Me, when you can't go on
    Trust In Me, when your strength is gone
    If lovin' me is the power to heal
    Trust In Me

    Bridge 3
    If you need someone to hold ya
    Call me, I'll be there
    And if ever you're in trouble
    And you need someone darlin'
    Call me, call me, call me, call me

    Move a little closer
    A little closer to the bone
    Move on in
    Oh darlin', move on in

    (Repeat Chorus 1 & 2 w/variations to fade)

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