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    Time can pass so slowly
    When you feel so all alone
    Love can strikeour h like lightning
    When you find yeart a home
    I've seen it in the movies
    Read about it in a book
    I never thought I'd feel it
    But your touch was all it took

    Take good care of my heart
    Take good care of my heart
    Baby you're the first to take it
    You're the only one who can break it
    I love you more than I should
    But it keeps me feeling so good
    I've waited for your love forever
    You're the one to take good care of my heart

    Come and make your magic
    Till you have me hypnotized
    If we get any closer
    I'll be drowning in your eyes
    You're the one I needed most
    When my love was on that line
    Oh I'm so glad you gave me yours
    When I gave you mine

    Repeat Chorus

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