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    Verse 1

    One night not long ago
    I fell for you
    Too easy to let go
    She was one from your past
    One of the few
    You said it didn't last

    Now Romeo you know I can't believe
    Your tongue would slip so easily
    I know you think I oughta let it be
    But get it right next time
    That's the end of me

    My name is not Susan
    So watch what you say
    If you still need her
    Then be on your way
    Don't wanna hear about Susan
    She got nothin' on me
    So show some respect
    For the love you receive
    My name is not Susan

    (No, no, no, no)(Get it right)
    Verse 2

    Last night you were asleep
    Deep in a dream
    I heard you call her name
    Then you turned to embrace
    I froze in place
    Never to be the same

    Now Romeo you know I never knew
    My heart would bust so easily
    I know you think I out to let it go
    But get it right
    Next time
    Say good-bye to me boy


    I never want to be the girly
    That you "call" one and only
    You know the kind of girly
    That you would call when you get lonely
    I never shoulda let you in
    A damn shame, forgot my name
    Well anyway

    Don't want to hear about Susan

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