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    (feat. Bobby Brown)

    My love
    Some girl just wanna spend guys money
    Live their lives chasing the milk or honey
    Silver lives are their fantasy
    But you're lucky cause that ain't me

    Most girls think guys are all the same
    Not you so I can take the blame
    I love you through the joy and pain
    Even the coldest Georgia rain

    See my love is like a open sky
    See my heart is like the river wide
    No my world would never ever run dry
    It runs over for you and I
    See my love is deeper than the sea
    And sweeter than a pretty melody
    So tell everybody that you're glad you got me
    You can trust in my love
    My L-O-V-E
    (My love, My love, My)

    Some think that love is just a word
    Because of all the things they've heard
    They think they're gotta close their hearts
    Can't see the light, the soul in the dark
    But I know I got a real good man
    Who loves me the best as he can
    That's why I'm here faithfully
    Cause you'll do the same for me


    You gotta go through
    The fire (the pain)
    The rain (the joy)
    Take the joy and do it in pain
    (Never give in)
    Give in
    Don't give up
    (Don't give up)
    We can try but it will never never break my love

    Sweet, sweet love
    Sweet, sweet love
    See my love


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