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    Verse 1

    I hope you realize baby
    Just what you mean to me
    Hey you where I run for cover
    Your loving shelter for me
    And when I find myself needing some lifting up
    One night with you and that always is enough
    How you make being in love
    A true rare affair
    So take me I'm your prisoner

    Will you sentence me to be your lover for life
    Your lover for life
    Will you snetence me
    I want to be your lover for life
    Your lover for life

    I just want to hear you say
    You'll be my lover, lover for life
    Capture, there's no getaway
    You're my lover, my lover for life
    Verse 2

    Under your spell or under my own power
    It really doesn't matter to me
    See I fell in love the first time I saw you
    And I have been falling in love ever since

    You heard my testimony
    You've seen my evidence
    Hey, it's a crime of passion
    In every sense
    And justice would decide
    If you stay here in my world
    Take me I'm your prisoner

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