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    Huh huh huh yeah
    It's the second time around
    For you and I boy
    And believe me it's confusing me
    I'm afraid to say "let's make up" and "All's forgiven"
    But somethin' tells me it's heading for heartbreak
    So darling please I'm praying that
    This time yeah this time will be different
    That you and I can share this dream that I visualize

    Tell me are you really ready for love boy
    Or is it just the lonely talking again
    Are you really ready for love boy
    Or is it the lonely talking again

    Now the time before
    When we got together
    You promised you'd be forever true to me
    But all I got from you
    Was lots and lots of talking
    Lonely nights filled with misery

    So baby please please tell me now
    That when I fulfill your needs
    You won't up and leave me
    Even though you know
    I'll let you come back

    Repeat Chorus

    Really need to know

    Repeat Chorus

    Tell me now
    Wanna know
    Really gotta know
    Are you ready?
    Are you ready
    Are you ready?
    Tell me are you ready
    Are you ready?
    Are you ready?
    Need to know
    Really wanna know
    Really wanna know
    Really need to know
    Are we gonna talk?
    Are we gonna talk?
    Dont wanna talk no no no no
    I need to know
    I really wanna know
    You tell me now
    Are you ready?
    No no no Need to know

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