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    Listen to the music
    The sound of the angels
    Come and see the child
    Who can make you whole
    Lying in a manger
    Away from harm and danger

    Oh joy in my soul
    Oh joy, joy down in my soul
    Sweet beautiful soul saving joy
    Oh joy, joy, joy in my soul
    Joy, joy, joy in my soul oh

    He sent from up above
    This special gift of love
    More precious than silver or gold
    He was sent this holiday
    To take our pain away

    Repeat Chorus

    Go tell it on the mountain
    Shout it from a valley
    Tell about the baby in swaddling clothes
    Men in every nation
    Join the celebration

    Way down deep joy
    Joy, joy, joy
    I've got joy
    Way down deep inside my soul joy
    Unspeakable joy
    Joy in my soul

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