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    When your love is strong and it comes from the heart
    Ain't no man strong enough, ain't no time long enough to tear it apart
    And that's what we had, believe it or not
    So on the final day I thought all the hurting pain will end up on top
    So I won't cry 'cause you're going away
    'cause the chemistry we've got it, don't fade
    I won't be wishing for better days
    'cause deep inside I know our love stays the same
    You gotta know
    No matter where you are (you got me)
    Baby near or far (you got me)
    Our love will never fade (you got me)
    So let me hear you say it
    Baby I got you, I'll be there, I'll be there
    Baby I got you, I'll be there, I'll be there
    'cause I got you baby
    I never lie
    'cause you are the reason that my heart is beating, that I am alive
    Before you go, thinking that I can be replaced, no
    I got you waiting for the rest of my life
    I'll hold you up, when you just can't stand
    I'll make you cry, when you think that you can't
    By my side forever, baby that's the plan
    I'll be your everything, I'll be your everything
    Say you want me, I want you baby
    Say you love me, I need you baby
    I got you baby, you got me
    I'll be there for you
    I love you baby, I love you darling

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