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    When youre down and in despair

    Dont be uneasy cause hell be there

    So dont you worry, dont you fret

    The lord has never failed you yet


    So hold on, help is on the way

    Hold on, God is on his way

    Hold on, hes on his way

    He told me to hold on

    Hes on his way

    Hold on, hes coming soon

    Pray, hell be there

    Now when it seems that you cant stand

    Just hold on to gods unchanging hand

    Yeah, weeping may, yes, endure for just one night,

    But joy will come in the morning light


    He may not come when you want him

    But hes right on time

    Hell be right there

    Help is on the way (x3)

    The word told me

    If I ask hes on his way

    Im thankful cause I know he is

    Come just say    (help)

    Come on just try    (help)

    Ask him for a little bit    (help)

    Hell give it to you right away    (help)

    Know the help I know    (help)

    Ive called him before

    So glad...

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