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    Hmm Huh Hoo hoo hey baby
    I'm looking for you
    Drifting on a memory
    Ain't no place I'd rather be
    Than with you, loving you
    Day will make a way for night
    All we'll need is candlelight
    And a song soft and long, well

    Glad to be here alone
    With a lover unlike no other
    Safe to see a new horizon
    Slowly coming into view

    I wanna be living for the love of you
    All that I'm giving is for the love of you

    Lovely as a ray of sun
    That touches me when the morning comes
    Feels good to me, my love and me
    Smoother than a gentle breeze
    Flowing through my mind with ease
    Soft as can be well when you're loving me

    Love to be
    Riding the waves of your love
    Enchanted with your touch
    It seems to me
    We can sail together in and out of mystery

    Repeat Chorus

    Paradise I have within
    Can't feel insecure again
    You're the key and this I see
    Now and then I lose my way
    Using words to try and say
    What I feel yeah love is real ooh
    I might as well
    Sign my name on a card
    Which could say it better
    Time will tell
    Cause it seems that I've done
    Just about all that I can do do do

    Repeat Chorus

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