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    Now there´s so many things I wanna get to know
    I wish that I could stay but I got to go
    I´m gonna call you tonight
    I will baby, just as soon as I get time alone
    I´m gonna call you tonight, I will baby
    Just as soon as I get home
    That´s the way it goes in life
    You get busy when you just don´t wanna
    There´s never enough time in your life
    You have to make it baby, so I´m gonna
    Make a way to connect
    ´Cause your face is what I can´t forget
    I feel like I know you from another life
    It just makes me wish I wasn´t so pressed for time
    Destiny, I believe in it
    Meant to be, don´t you see it´s possible
    That for this kind of magic you think I´m having
    And if you wanna know then you stay by the phone

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