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    Stepsister It looks that way
    Stepsister The way you say
    Stepmother She talks as if she knows
    Brandy I do not know that this is so
    I only just suppose

    I suppose it when you come into the ballroom
    and the room its self is floating in the air
    and if your suddenly confronted by his highness
    you are frozen like a statue on the stairs
    you are afraid he'll hear the way your heart is
    beating and you know you mustn't make the first
    advance you are seriously thinking of retreating
    then you see to hear him asking you to dance

    A lovely night
    A lovely night
    A finer night you know you'll never see.
    You meet your prince
    Your charming prince
    As charming as a prince will ever be
    The stars in a hazy heaven tremble above you
    While he's whispering darling I LOVE YOU
    You say goodbye
    Away you fly
    But on your lips you keep a kiss
    All your life you'll dream of this
    Lovely, lovely night.

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