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    We were lost in the valley
    Midway between night and day
    Which way's the goddamn highway??

    "The car breaks down"

    So, we walk ten million miles
    All across some countryside
    Until lightning struck the sky

    "The rain came down"

    This house looks so creepy
    Anybody home?
    Look out!  There's somebody!
    We're not alone

    Up three creaking wooden stairs
    An old man with no hair...stares!
    Sitting in a rocking chair

    "Please be my guest"

    He says I'm glad you are here
    I have been waiting for years
    You see, they land in my field

    "Tonight's the night"

    You'll see...Don't you worry
    Make youself at home
    Maybe they'll be friendly
    Or maybe not, but
    What if we're all crazy?
    What if we're alone?
    Then the sky is empty
    And we're alone
    We are alone
    We're not alone
    Are we alone?...alone...

    Looking deep into the night
    We'll see if the old man's right
    So far...there's nothing i

    "Except frostbite"

    Flying low without a sound
    Look out!  They are all around
    Spinning down, touching the ground

    "Damn he was right!"

    We see!  We're not worried!
    We're not going home
    They are green and ugly
    Or maybe not...but,
    They are green and ugly
    Who wants to go home?
    God!  We are so lucky!
    We're not alone
    We're not alone
    We're not alone
    (Welcome aboard

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