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    In the smoke of the combat
    No gods give you the guts
    You see the fire in the sky
    The bombs fall by your side
    I put the powder in my gun
    Let me free, let me run
    Armed with swords and hash
    I. run, kill and fight
    I remove the knife in your sore
    I beleive in the death's call
    I live to kill, create war and pain
    You die for fire, burns in flames
    Our disaster is not complete today
    We make no diffents because
    You fall in fate
    The war punishes, and the war resists
    The wildness shouts
    The blood burts out
    We're going in hell tonight
    For another loud attack
    And you see in the mist
    Black flag is my mast
    The canons creep
    In your desert to kill
    And no defence, no forces
    You're the blood lust victims
    In the smoke of combat
    No Gods give you the guts.

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