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    My lands are infectious
    Your sun begin to gloom
    You see my harful country
    And my sky is black today
    Pay the price for your life
    your ticket to open gate to die

    Voivod! I'm a paranoid
    Voivod! the wine of blood
    Voivod! I'm a crazy God
    Voivod! The ferocious dog

    My eyes fix your soul
    I like it coz it's too late to go
    When I relish, I'm a beast
    When I torture, you freeze
    And if you see your angel
    Contaminate him with cancer

    I'm a nuclear creature
    For atomic fight

    Come with me in my spider line
    In the black hole of the night
    Your visit is short today
    Don't worry in the terror you stay
    And if you don't trust me
    I'll chop your body to eat

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