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    After the battle in the dark
    Side of the desert fields
    Am I the winner fight is over
    And we'll take the place
    Metal burned feel the discord
    For a complete destruction
    Have no mercy come with us
    You're in the meeting
    To the death!
    Tonite we celebrate
    Holy shit no remorse
    For the prisoner
    Nice ceremony tonite
    We have a crazy time
    To the death!
    Tonite we celebrate
    War and our victory
    All possessed by the death
    To take the force by the blood
    Raise your hands for the final slaughter
    High pressure marching like
    A robot form nowhere
    Mutilated we're out to
    Conquer all the planet
    Creeping weapons see the
    Fire blows the sky
    Invasion don't stop the
    Pressure of pain
    Electric power was bursting
    In the air
    Strange fever it seems like
    Your last night
    Total disorder brings
    The final impact
    Come and see what hell looks like
    Many men feel the pain endlessly
    Forever your country needs you
    The world's still waiting to change
    Everybody said the thing's
    Doing so bad
    To the death!
    Is what you say
    To the death!
    Who cares it's the only way
    To the death!
    Is what you need
    To the death!
    Turn to black 'til they bleed.

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