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    Don't adjust your Brain
    It's now, it's real, real, real
    Woken up by a lot of noise this morning
    The day begins by the fear
    I'm looking through the window at this outside
    Something's happening
    Smashed up cars, fucked up traffic
    People plunged in their TV set
    Watch to see the daily bad news
    Stand to know who's gonna pay

    Burning, destroying, pulverising
    They can't take the time to realise
    Talking, screaming, protesting
    All that time spent
    Let's start this bad surprise

    But today is not like another day
    Listen to the radio
    Caution, all alert is on
    They're gonna blow your bones away
    You know the human history
    The street must be running red
    The citizens can't believe
    That they're all the victims
    And this is it, you better watch it live
    I wake you up, this is no an exercise!!
    Don't adjust your Brain
    It's now, it's real, real, real

    You stand mute today
    It's all over, shaking the ground
    With their foolish toys
    Your mind turns to broil
    You keep yourself away
    It's all over, shaking the ground
    Now I change my opinion about you
    I can't trust you, not even my friends
    Dehumanization and the lost cause
    What's the future, it's up to me...
    No one's gonna say, that's a crime
    Who's gonna say
    There is not too much time

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