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    Lost machine, giant maze
    Big engine, cruising space
    Ozone years, controlled daze... keeps the engine running

    Silver beams, analyze
    Robot teams, supervise
    That was then, this is now... it must run anyhow

    Don't you try, to know why
    We can't talk, close that door

    My father, remembers
    Grand-father, remembers

    I can tell, this is hell
    No one talks, no one talks
    One day will we understand
    How much the future is here right now?
    One day will they understand...
    How true... the future is here, and how!

    Remain silent

    Lost machine, never fails
    3-D screen, one message
    Keep working, generate... it's the same everyday

    Don't you try, to know why
    I can't talk, close that door

    My father gave me a small stone that he received from his father.  This
    stone was brought from earth by our early ancestors over 3OO years ago,
    since the machine started working.  Our mission... my mission, to reach
    central control and throw it into some vital part of the main engine...
    and blow the precious generator... I do not want to have to pass this
    down to my own son

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