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    The one go down is alive
    It is part of my flight
    The one inside makes a sign
    And keeps an eye to the light
    I sense panic overboard
    Obscure, viscid sprawling fog
    I hear a sonar rumour
    That says I'm far from the shore

    How I am stricken with non-emotion
    It crawls up above
    Persicopic cognition
    WHere it strives to dwell
    In abnormal contortion
    I navigate in my maze
    Investigate to be safe safe safe

    Across the ocean
    Of sheer compromise
    There is no matrix
    Not even a guide
    The last wave of sanity
    Rolls over my frequency
    Skyline under water field
    The depths above the high seas

    A twilight house keeper
    Dim-on dim-off now
    A concrete cyclops
    Blinking down his dull eye
    Does this code signal
    Something somewhere somehow?
    Why me? It goes on and on and on

    Please no
    Too late for S.O.S.
    Mute island, fish-eye view
    Circling the border line
    No resource, no rescue
    I'm stranded, I'm otherwise
    The error is perfect
    Like this sub-effect
    Of my mind

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